2. Washed my car today. Found this 3 hours later.

  3. hatboy:

    Persian #053

    Part of The Tim Burton x PKMN Project By Vaughn Pinpin

    Did Giovanni ever use his Persian for a battle? Or was it more of for sinister stroking in the shadows?



  4. Blood, Sweat and Beards

    Oh my god Bruins are giving me the worst heartburn I have had in a long time. Overtime in Game 7 of the first round with the Leafs. Coming back from a 4-1 deficit to tie with only 50 seconds left?! This is hockey.

  5. "Oh hey Mama. Happy Mother’s Day!"


  6. Fuck yes Bruins.

    Dear sweet baby Jesus I love me some playoff hockey.

  7. Dat face.


  8. Worst nightmare ever.

    Somehow my brain put a new twist on the zombie apocalypse.

    There are these very large flies that lay eggs in dead things in my dream. These eggs hatch, eat the rotting brain, squirm out the eye sockets and go about their lives finding other dead things to pump full of eggs.

    Then, somehow, these flies start laying eggs in humans while we are alive. This change causes the humans with the eggs in them to die and become zombies, as the larvae take over our brain and drive us to eat and kill so there are more dead things. If left untreated, these human zombies can burrow into the ground and hide, their outward appearance changing drastically.

    You know your comrades are infected if you can see the worms in their eyes. You’ll need a flashlight or a penlight and the right angle. Or you’ll just need to see a worm escape their eye. They can’t feel them, their body ignores it completely just like the larvae tell it to. So even if larvae are creeping out if someone’s eye, they don’t ever know. So you must kill them before they kill you.

    During this dream, while attempting to figure out what to do, my beautiful Shiba pup was standing next to me like she always does. Suddenly her head dropped and I looked over to see 3 or 4 larvae wriggling from her eye sockets. NOT ONLY IS SHE INFECTED BUT NOW MY SON COULD BE TOO. AND SO COULD I.

    I killed her. I had to. I couldn’t touch her so I used a heavy, blunt object. One of the escaped larvae turned into a fly. Chris killed it while I held my 10 month old beautiful puppy, sobbing and telling her how sorry I was for doing it, how much I loved her.

    I woke up crying. Chris hugged me and told me it was okay. I sat up and looked at Inara sleeping peacefully in her kennel. The rise and fall of her petite ribs a most welcome sight.

    Fucking nightmares. There’s way more that happened but I need to go snuggle my living puppy.

  9. stussyking:

    I’m not a fan of the Enkei Evo 8 wheels /:

    They look better on a black GSX

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  10. I made these for the first time about 8 months ago. Let me tell you they are AMAZING

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  11. touchmywii:



     Exactly what I would do if my kid crashed, except i’d put it on FB,Tumblr,Youtube and err thang else


  12. Bruins give game jerseys to first responders of the Marathon bombings. “Shirts off their back”

    Fucking love the Bruins

  13. I am unsure as to why she does things like this. Perhaps she is a cat, after all.

  14. Love.

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  15. Everywhere is supporting us here in Boston. All of the acts of terror that have occurred in my lifetime… I’ve never been so close to one as this. I’ve never lived in the same state, let alone so close to the city limits of where it happened. It’s never felt like it affected me so closely before. The amount of support that we’ve received here in Boston is nothing less than what Bostonians have given in the past, what anyone has given in the past when something as unimaginable as this has happened. Yet somehow - it’s so strong and so powerful to me. It’s moving. Have you seen the video of Boston singing the National Anthem at the bruins game Wednesday night? It’s amazing. The way that we come together when our national family has been harmed is nothing short of amazing. So thank you. Thank you to everyone to helped my Bostonian brothers and sisters who were hurt in the bombings, thank you to the sports teams and people who are supporting and praying for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.